QuadCutOff is made of HSS and has a TiN-coating. Precision grinding of these tools gives extremely sharp cutting edges.

  • For special applications like thin wall tubes
  • Can be used in Swiss type lathes
  • Straight or angular parting-off
  • Circlip grooves
See our PDF-document for a detailed presentation of this product:
  • Technical details

    Technical details

    Cutting data

    The table gives recommended cutting speeds in m/min.

    Low-carbon steel < 650N/mm240-60
    Carbon steel 650-850N/mm230-40
    Alloyed tool steel and hest-resistant steel30-40
    Stainless steel30-40
    Cast iron HB 150-25020-30
    Non-ferrous materials-200


    The table gives the recommended feed rate in mm/revolution for different inserts.

    Low carbon steel < 650N/mm20.08-0.10.08-0.10.1-0.150.01-0.150.1-0.2
    Carbon steel 650-850N/mm20.04-0.060.05-0.060.05-0.10.05-0.10.08-0.15
    Alloyed tool steel and heat-resistant steel0.04-0.060.058-0.060.05-0.10.05-0.10.08-0.15
    Stainless steel0.05-0.060.05-0.060.05-0.10.05-0.10.08-0.15
    Cast iron HB 180-2500.05-0.060.05-0.060.05-0.10.05-0.10.08-0.15
    Non-ferrous materials-0.2-0.2-0.25-0.25-0.25

    Parting-off diameter

    The maximum parting-off dia on a solid bar is 13 mm with the Q16 insert and 20 mm with the Q25 insert. It is possible to cut larger diameters of tube as the tool does not travel to the centre of the component. Please check with the diagram below for the most suitable insert for your application.

    Example: D = 28 mm d = 20 mm
    Choose Q25-insert